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Floor Shield Commercial Kitchen Flooring For Boynton Beach With Better Durability Over Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring

Your restaurant, bar, or cafe in Boynton Beach has to have commercial kitchen flooring that is slip-resistant with quick clean-up times and long-lasting durability. With concrete coatings from Floor Shield of Florida, you'll get all of this and more for your business. The way your commercial kitchen runs is impacted by its floors, and concrete coatings from Floor Shield will give them everything they need to create a safe kitchen environment that promotes productivity as well as meets safety guidelines. You want to give your employees a secure space to move and work, and because our concrete coatings are waterproof and non-slip, you can have just that. Installation is quick and easy with cure times lasting less than a day! Your kitchen can kick right back into gear on the same day as an application because Floor Shield coatings are VOC- and odor-free so your employees don't have to endure discomfort from foul odors.

If you could use Boynton Beach concrete coatings in your commercial kitchen, call on Floor Shield of Florida. Our products are up to four times stronger than conventional epoxy coatings, giving your commercial kitchen flooring resistance to damage like scuffs, cracks, chips, and more. You can also customize your concrete coatings and give your kitchen a totally unique look that stands out! Our team is excited to give your commercial kitchen flooring a coating that will last for years, so don't hesitate to reach out to us today! Don't forget to ask about our other coating options like showroom floor coatings as well!

Safer Than Traditional Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

Turn to Floor Shield of Florida when you're on the hunt for a commercial kitchen flooring option that will give your Boynton Beach kitchen strong, long-lasting floors that also look amazing. Many business owners are familiar with epoxy coatings and might even have some in their commercial kitchens today. Floor Shield of Florida is here to tell you that the polyaspartic coatings we offer blow traditional epoxy coatings out of the water. Because our coatings cure five times faster than other coatings, your kitchen doesn't have to be out of commission for long-- you can get back to work in as little as a few hours' time.

Commercial kitchen flooring coated with Floor Shield becomes smooth and totally seamless, meaning water and bacteria can't make their way in to create mold and other growths. This makes your kitchen a much more sanitary space to work and prepare food, which is exactly what you want for your business. If your floors get dirty, don't sweat it. A simple wet mop will do! Having a clean commercial kitchen is easy when you're equipped with Floor Shield concrete coatings.