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Boynton Beach Kennel Floor Coating That Holds Up Better Than Epoxy Flooring

Kennel flooring

Vet clinics, animal shelters, and more need kennel floor coatings that will last, and Floor Shield of Florida is the Boynton Beach company that will provide them! Any space where animals are kept and cared for is bound to become filthy over time, especially if they're sporting old tile or concrete floors. That's why we're proud to provide polyaspartic concrete coatings to businesses that want smooth, protected, and easy-to-clean floors. With our concrete coatings in Boynton Beach, you'll get all of those things and more.

It takes less than a day to install our kennel floor coatings in your business, and because our products are free of fumes and VOCs, you can resume business as usual as soon as our installation crew is out of the way. Our Floor Shield coatings provide your facility with a totally seamless floor surface that bacteria, dirt, and even water will never be able to penetrate. This also makes your floors easier to clean-- nothing will stick to the surface, from pet excrement to food spills. You'll be thrilled to know that you won't even have to remove your old floors to have our products installed because they adhere perfectly to your existing floor surface.

Give Floor Shield of Florida a call today when you're ready to have kennel floor coatings that offer you all of these benefits and more! We can't wait to show you just what we can do with the years of experience we've got under our belts. Don't forget to ask us about our other services as well, such as locker room floor coatings.

Better Durability & Toughness Than Kennel Epoxy Flooring

Business owners of all kinds have chosen epoxy floor coatings for their floors for years now. But choosing to work with Floor Shield of Florida for your kennel floor coatings means you'll be able to see just how superior our concrete coatings are compared to its epoxy competitors.

Traditional epoxy coatings offer many of the same benefits that our Floor Shield coatings do, but when it comes to strength, resistance to damage, and ease of maintenance, our coatings have epoxy beaten! Floor Shield concrete coatings are up to four times stronger than epoxy and completely resistant to water, acid and chemical spills, and even the claw scratches that inevitably happen in your vet or kennel. With quicker application and dry times, you won't have to close up shop after we install your concrete coatings-- you can get right back to work on the same day. Your employees and the animals they care for will also benefit from the non-slip nature of our concrete coatings, creating a safer space for everyone involved.