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Caring For Your Residential Concrete Coatings

Residential concrete coating care

The concrete coatings you get for your Boynton Beach home are the toughest floor coatings on the market, but that doesn't mean you don't have to keep up with them in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Just like with anything else you invest in for your home, regular care is necessary-- even for something as easy to maintain as our Floor Shield products! But you might be wondering what kind of care is involved with maintaining your concrete coatings. The good news is that it's super easy to keep up with your brand new concrete coatings from Floor Shield of Florida. In fact, some homeowners can even over-clean their flooring systems and etch the surface, dulling its shine. Others even hire a cleaning company to take care of their concrete coatings, leaving the workers performing potentially dangerous services on their floors. To avoid the risk of damage and deterioration, here are a few tips on caring for and maintaining your residential concrete coatings.

Clean Away Loose Debris

Whether you have outdoor floor coatings or garage floor coatings, they'll have to be swept regularly. If not, abrasives like sand and dirt will be ground into the floor with foot traffic in and out of your space. But it's important to note that you shouldn't actually sweep away sand, dirt, and debris. The surface of your concrete coatings is highly durable, but if these small abrasives are swept across the surface, they could etch it and cause the floor to lose its shine. Instead of a broom, use a dust mop to gently move loose debris off your floors.

Mopping Your Residential Flooring

Contrary to what you might find on the internet, you should never regularly clean your residential concrete coatings with harsh chemicals like ammonia. Floor Shield products don't need this kind of cleaning and it can actually cause damage if you're not careful! The best alternative is to mop the floor with hot water. You can use as much water as you like to get rid of any debris because our concrete coatings are completely waterproof. Got stubborn grime that water doesn't cut through? Use some mild dish soap in the water and let it sit on the surface to soak and loosen this kind of debris.

Removing Sticky Debris & Stains

You might be tempted to use chemicals on things like scuffs, gum, and other stains that might pop up on your Floor Shield coatings, but it's important to remember that you could damage your floors by doing so! The best way to clean up things like gum wads, tire marks, and other sticky stains is to spot clean. You can do so with a wet melamine sponge, like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A citrus solvent and a firm-bristled scrub bush can help, too. Let the gentle products you use sit on the stains for five minutes before wiping them away to reveal a beautifully fresh floor surface.